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Golden On Black by GoldRain Golden On Black :icongoldrain:GoldRain 2 0 So Toxic.... by GoldRain So Toxic.... :icongoldrain:GoldRain 0 9 Icon for GiRBeRRy's icontest by GoldRain Icon for GiRBeRRy's icontest :icongoldrain:GoldRain 0 4
A Story Chapter II
He walked alongside the path, but did not touch it; something was wrong here today, as the blood stains he followed foretold. Reaching the marshpond, he watched as a young man who moved with amazing agility and grace for one dressed as a commoner, to lift a man with arrows in his side out from the muddy waters; hiding behind the unusually tall marshleaves, otherwise sometimes known as foxtails, he was able to finally see the faces of the two men: one was much too pretty to be Human and so guessed the boy to be Elven, and the other was the son of the famous rich farmer John Alderson. Quickly, he made his decision and followed the unnamed boy who carried whom he now realized with a flash was Rick Alderson, soon noticing they were heading towards a cabin he had spotted no more than a few hours ago before his relentless search for the source of the blood trail; he though to himself that he would stay and wait until the boy left before visiting his wounded friend, though when the boy did no
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A Tree by GoldRain A Tree :icongoldrain:GoldRain 0 8 Working Together by GoldRain Working Together :icongoldrain:GoldRain 2 14
A Story Chapter
"First Meeting"
With one turn he swung his body in an arch towards the pond curled within tall marshleaves, watching his friend and partner fall in such a manner that it seemed even Time itself had wound down to an animated pause....though even if it had, he had not enough speed to reach his life-friend before the ensuing heavy-bodied splash; with a roar of rage he finished off his adversaries and ran to his wounded leader to stare into the dieing eyes of the man who had gathered them all and had protected him so many was there that he glimpsed the man's thoughts, and relived the tale of how they met, together. This was their first encounter, placed not more than a few years before the world of today, and was the start of an endless love in friendship that would be legend for centuries to come....
To the ears of the seventeen year old Elf by the name Zillon, only and adopted son of Xiimdan the Great Merchant who protected the secret of Zillon's true origin with zeal, there w
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Cultivated Society
In this world where the meek are disapproved,
When all of this Mankind are sorrowed,
Wrapped in opinions strapped down to the core,
Swaying and changing in the breeze of society;
Some warped,
And yet only to the opinion of others,
For yes this is a place, a country, a universe, created of all opinions.
Dreams that die and screams resounding soundlessly,
Burning bridges of love and harmony,
Brightly shining hope dieing for nothing,
All that we have lost and regained,
Forever more shalt be buried into the sand of memories.
Trust and faith, belief and emotional suicides,
Harbingers of joy and fatigue,
All that is wont and forever destroyed;
Casualty in the face of utter unredeemable defeats,
Triumph in the glory of others' dank mental prisons,
Calls between past and present Romeos and their Juliets,
Black ribbons tied to pure white corsages,
Configurations of condemned plots,
Drawing ever nearer to the overly simple concept,
A plan of world domination, just hanging in the ethereal balance
:icongoldrain:GoldRain 2 16

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None-of-your-beeswax ^^
United States
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Anime / Chibi
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi Hatake or High Tech or Toshiro Hitsugaya or Zoey Hanson (Ichigo Momomiya)
Personal Quote: Love is at the center of an ever-flowing Universe; when Love drops, Everything drops.
Dancing to this game of sociality,
Weaving in and forth through compliments and flattery,
Never take a break or falter,
Always needing the other person for this breathless dance,
Before your distance breaks through,
Oh Lord,
Watch me Fall to the Seas of Sin,
Drowning myself so much further,
While to me your careful reputation is falling down,
Like a child's letter blocks stacked up high on the edge of a counter...

Causer of pain,
Causer of tears;
Maker of joy,
Maker of pride;
Tonight is the last stand,
Today is the first dance.

She has tried to never falter,
Though she has sinned much;
Her mind could shine,
If only she wasn't pressed by shame so much;
Today is her final give-away,
Tonight is her first good-bye.

But never mind the little girl in her shadowed corner,
Holding tightly to a little piece of flesh,
Dressed in black tears and a Sinner's clothes,
She's never been much and she never will be,
She looks for happiness yet she might never find it,
Even though all she ever wanted was a Knight in Shining Armor.

Now turn your face away again,
She has no need of being noticed;
Her hopes and dreams are smashed,
Most of her feelings she cannot recognize;
Alas, she wallows in self-pity,
And grim shame over that much compared to others' problems.

She doesn't need True Love now,
For she fears hers is dead,
She doesn't want True Love now,
For she fears she has tainted it and will lose it forever,
And that only her wanting humanity will keep her alive and sane now,
Since the tragic recourse offered to her in early childhood is taking its toll,
Killing her deep passion inside,
Mounting her pride, embarrassment, and love for none to see,
Shooting her with cravings of a fight,
And touching her with the blissful feelings of sin.
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